Just Being Real

One year ago, September 7, 2017, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.
That’s right! I was at a point in my life where I felt “stuck” on a boat in the middle of a lake on a dark and foggy night. It was a torrent of fear pouring over my soul. I couldn’t breathe. I was not in a good place and had ideations of hurting myself.
Thankfully, through the tremendous support of my wife and kids, my parents, my doctor, my counselor and by surrounding myself with healthy voices, I continue to experience healing every day!
I write this because YOU may be in a similar spot and wondering what to do next.
KNOW THIS…There is HOPE! You can have JOY in the midst of the torrent. You are loved greatly and have an incredible opportunity to experience healing not only in your soul, but in your marriage and family as well.
See a counselor! Get Help!
Just Being Real!

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